Dell Mini 10 Netbook dengan harga £200

Dell Mini 10 Netbook dengan harga £200

Some time ago Dell has launched a new Netbook, Netbook Mini10v entitled is basically not much different from those previously Netbook Dell Mini 10. One thing that distinguishes between the two is the price of the Netbook is a far different. Mini10v appreciated only 200 pounds it will come with Ubuntu Linux.
Price reduction is automatic enough to slightly cut some features of its predecessor. Some of the features are forced to sacrifice HDMI interface and replacement of graphics chipsets using Intel GMA 500 compared to Intel GMA retaining existing 945GSE in the previous series.
Inspiron Mini10v will be present with two different variants, namely the Ubuntu version of Linux and Windows XP. Whether they will be bundled together with Intel's 1.6GHz Atom N270 processor, 1GB of RAM, and 160GB hard disk space. Especially for Linux versions, will be present Mini10v with 8GB SSD drive.
Dell Mini 10 predecessors, using the screen 10.1-inch WSVGA LCD, while the Mini 10V plans to use 10.1-inch screen WLED, but they still offer the same option 3 or 6 cell battery.
One is interesting to glance the price, which dibandrol began Mini10v price £ 200 for the Ubuntu version and £ 279 for the version of Windows XP it would seem more cost-effective when compared to Dell Mini 10 is priced £ 299 for Linux version and £ 349 for the version of Windows XP was.
Of course for you who still doubt the performance of a Netbook but still curious to have them without having to spend too deep, could be Mini10v possible answer. Let's see its presence in Indonesia which may not be long now

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