ASUS Eee PC 900HA is one of the leading netbook Asus 9-inch class. Not too much different from the previous 900 version, just replace the SSD ASUS used the previous version with 160GB hard drive. 900 version previously available in the Linux operating system and Windows while for this 900HA version only available in Windows XP operating system. Eee PC 901 and 904 also have the same 9-inch screen, it's just different on the chassis used. 

Design of the 900HA is very similar to the SSD version of the 900 series. Width was not much different from the 900 series. If the 900HA has a thick, minimum and maximum equal to 900, in addition 900HA has the edge again. 900HA coated with a glossy lid looks quite good. But do occasionally touching, because the glossy coating is susceptible to fingerprints on your hands. If I compare with the 701 series 4G, I can imagine that ASUS still maintaining the size and 9-inch screen that very fit at this 900HA series. Eee PC 900 HA is a variant of the ASUS netbook smallest size that has a 9-inch hard drive. 
The components of the 900HA may be easily accessed through the cover at the bottom of this laptop. Hard drive and RAM can be replaced without a hitch, as it is designed to be upgraded at any time. I also have upgraded to 2GB RAM and 320GB hard drive installed 7200 rpm without complaint until now. 
9-inch screen it gives a very good display with a full texture and color contrast are very good. This is obviously easier and provide for their own convenience that consumers using this netbook for use in a long time. And that made him superior to other netbooks is the screen is anti-glare so it is very helpful for use in areas with high light levels, such as in outdoor. Not only that, the backlight bleed is also quite minimal compared to other netbooks netbook, with a more expensive price. Viewing from the angle both horizontally and vertically was not too bad, even stable.

900HA comes with Operating System Windows XP Home Edition ULCPC (SP3), and running smoothly on this netbook. Boot time it takes about 30 seconds. Some applications are brought Microsoft Works, Windows Live!, InterVideo WinDVD, Skype, Adobe Reader, and the Eee Storage. 

We tried to change the operating system from XP to Vista, I was quite surprised because 900HA can run it well. Boot time was slightly longer, 50 seconds, and the 40 seconds after a RAM upgrade to 2GB. Performance in running the applications are not much different from XP, which is slightly different when to run the game, because we got the result that Vista is better than XP. Also for the battery was able to Vista is more durable than when using XP. 

Battery is worn pretty good. At 100% brightness and wireless off we get results 4 hours 20 minutes (word processing and reading). To use only the brightness of 30% -50% and wireless off to get to 15 hours. Batteries are often used is the series 5200mAh 4-cell battery (39Wh).

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