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Laptop or notebook is an object that can perform various types of activities and can simplify your job. Now the laptop is one thing that must be owned by any person as a result of technological development is so rapid in today's modern era. If your laptop or notebook that you have felt so heavy and slow, you will be upset right? Therefore now I will give you Tips and Tricks on How to Speed Up laptop Performance:

Notice Visual Graphics

Your laptop graphic visual effects are often burdensome performance of your laptop computer. Therefore you must choose between the importance of visual graphics / display of your computer or more concerned with the quality and performance of your laptop or notebook. How do? Follow these steps:
Right-click the My Computer icon -> Right Click -> Properties -> (Tab) Advance -> (Performance -> Settings) -> Visual Effects
Well there it is concerned with the choice between picture quality or performance of a laptop, you just choose your priority. Or you can choose their own custom menu, just check / uncheck your choices according to your needs and requirements.

Avoid programs that Not Useful

Often you only install the program to meet the contents of your laptop or notebook. Though more and more programs on your laptop then disk will be more full. And the more the contents of the hard drive is used up then your laptop will run slower as well. Therefore, I suggest you to:

- Uninstall programs that are not useful
Here's how: Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs
Now there will be seen where the programs you frequently use and which ones do not. Should the programs that you rarely use it on just delete from your laptop.

- Perform Disk Cleanup
Disk Cleanup This will clean up old files that are no longer needed so it can save your disk space.
Here's how: My Computer -> C: (according to the hard drive that you want to clean) -> Right Click -> Properties -> Disk Cleanup

- Defragment hard drive Periodic
It can also defragment the hard drive clean of data that is not useful. So if you do defragment the hard drive will increase the free space your hard disk storage. Follow these steps:
My Computer -> C: (according to the hard drive that you want to clean) -> Right Click -> Properties -> (tab) Tools -> Defragment Now

 tweaking with software

Many software are available which can improve the performance of your laptop. Among Tune Up Utilities, CCleaner, RegCleaner and much more. Tools-tools can also clean your registry from the mistakes / Error. You can search the software - the software on google.

Optimize Virtual Memory

Follow these steps:
My Computer -> Right Click -> Properties -> (Tab) Advance -> (Performance -> Settings) -> Advanced -> (Virtual Memory -> Change)
Well there is a part of the custom size according to your content there is in Reccomended

Turn off some features that are not useful Start Up

Follow these steps:
  •  Start Menu -> RUN -> Enter msconfig -> OK / Enter -> Select the Start Up menu>> Remove all the check in the Start-up except Anti virus program
  •  Click the service menu -> Uncheck the Automatic Updates
  •  After that, press Apply and OK

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