Dual boot between windows xp and windows 7 on your laptop

for those of you who want to try windows 7 but not sure of the comfort in use for your computing activities, maybe you can use this trick, is to make dual boot between windows xp and windows 7 on your laptop, in a way that is not too difficult I'm sure you can do it at home.

if your laptop before there is only one disk partition already installed windows xp then I suggest you to create one partition again, you can do so by using software partition magic, if you already have 2 partitions on the hard drive, where drive C is an installation  windows Xp , then follow these steps.

Stages below. The assumption only, Partition 2 above have been given a name as drive D. While you will be given a DVD ROM drive E.
  1. Insert the disk OS Windows 7, to DVD ROM.
  2. Then click the Setup.exe from the Windows XP
  3. On display will show the setup of Windows 7. Select INSTALL NOW
  4. System preparation Windows 7 will copy files from DVD to hard drive
  5. Setup process is complete copy of Windows 7, will be asked whether to update directly Windows 7 or not. Just select Do not get the latest updates so as not to disturb the process for installin
  6. This is the MOST IMPORTANT. Do not wrong or Windows XP you actually lost. Select the Custom (Advanced)
  7. After selecting the Custom option will appear to install a partition for Windows 7. As the description above, as the assumption that Drive D is the fox with a drive letter D Just choose the 2nd partition is empty with the NTFS format. 

Note, Windows 7 could only be installed to the NTFS partition, but can not install to a FAT partition. Clik on the partition you want to store the OS Windows 7, for instance on the partition D. The next process running as usual, until the install is complete and Windows 7 asking simple questions such as choice of keyboard and country areas.

After Windows 7 successfully installed to a partition into 2 or partition of D, the end is the laptop to reboot. And the look of Windows will be changed to Dual Boot, as shown below

Options Earlier Version of Windows is Windows the first time you install is Windows XP.
Options Windows 7 is Windows to the 2 newly installed, located on the D drive

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