tips to make your laptop battery last longer

after I wrote an article about several factors that cause your laptop battery runs out fast, so now I'll write some tips to conserve your laptop battery, saving battery you can do it yourself manually and you can configure according to your needs.

  • less number of open applications, because each application will use cpu and memory load, if the cpu and memory load, very high would result in battery runs out quickly. close all the applications you're not using,
  • reduce the brightness of your laptop screen to make the battery last longer, you can adjust the brightness of the screen every kind of laptop on the control panel.
  • remove unused peripherals, such as external-Rom drives, PC cards, and various other types of peripherals that can accelerate the expiration of your laptop battery.
  • reduce the speed of the processor, even though this sounds ridiculous, where everyone wants a stable speed of the laptop, but this could make the battery last longer, you can set the processor speed according to the type of your laptop,
  • turn off the wireless connection when not in use,
  • change the power settings on the control panel to save power your laptop.

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