several factors that make a fast laptop battery is empty

keep the battery in order to remain durable is no obligation for those of you who have a notebook / netbook, there are no standards how long the battery will live in a notebook, it is in because of the extent of application and the CPU load when in use, it can make the battery quickly drains are not even can long endure.

several factors that can lead to loss of battery power, among others

  • battery life is too long, resulting in battery power is weak, and quickly exhausted.
  • save a notebook for too long or not in use, will reduce battery power below the recommended level of voltage your notebook,
  • let the battery in a discharged condition in the long run, or let the battery in a full condition in the high room temperature,
  • run applications that have a high load on the CPU to speed up the endless battery, such as playing 3D games.

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