Replace Bluetooth Device on your Laptop

if your laptop has a bluetooth connection problems, you try to install again the drivers contained on the CD included when you buy a laptop, but if it turns out you've broken bluetooth devices, you should do is replace it, following steps to replace the bluetooth devices in your laptop,

  • remove the battery, as directed by pulling on a laptop that you buy,
  • remove buetooth  the device by opening the cover buetooth screw device which is usually located above,
  • remove buetooth the device from its place,
  • disconnect the buetooth cable from buetooth devices,
  • input return buetooth devices that were new and good, into place, and reconnect the cable devices,
  • closed back bluetooth devices with the cover, and tighten with a screw,
replace the battery the laptop, and try to turn it on again, see if you walk buetooth normally ?

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