Fix Bluescreen Boot on Laptop HP all series

Bluescreen is usually caused by a driver or software conflicts, resulting from the error eventually laptop can not be used, the fund only displays a bluescreen with erorr notification, and you have to press the power button for approximately 15 seconds to turn it off, to fix the blue screen problem you can follow the steps as follows,

  1. break with the peripheral devices and let your HP laptop without accessories, and try to turn it on again, if the error message is still visible then you have to do the second and third,
  2. break with the energy source, remove battery, and press the power button for about 15 seconds.
  3. plug it back into electrical energy, (without a battery) and press the power button, see if the CapsLock and NumLock LED lights , listen to what the fund's voice disk drive and cooling fan,

try to restart the HP laptop you can now be used and work normally, if there is still a blue screen error, it is advisable to fix it to the nearest HP dealer, or you can wait for the next post from me

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