Notebook Screen Care Tips

Notebook Screen Care Tips 

Unlike most monitors, notebook screens is mebutuhkan attention and extra care. Here are some tips that you might use.

  • Cleaning fluid for notebook screen cleaning is recommended using the same type that is used to display digital camera. This fluid can usually be found at the store camera equipment vendor.
  • If the brush is not enough, use a soft cloth or tissue moistened with cleaning fluid. Remember! Do not use cleaning fluid containing ammonia or alcohol. Spray cleaning fluid on the cloth and wipe the screen gently when cleaning.
  • To clean the notebook screen, use a soft brush is designed to clean the LCD screen from dust.
  • Do not close the notebook in a way slammed.
  • Do not close the notebook when there is a particular object between the screen and keyboard. Even a piece of paper stuck between the screen and the keyboard can cause damage to the screen.
  • When closed notebook notebook try not experience stress. Especially do not put heavy objects on top of a closed notebook.
  • Do not spray cleaning fluid directly on the notebook screen.
  • Do not ever touch screen notebook, let alone with sharp objects.
  • Always close your notebook when not in use. If you need to use anti-dust cover of plastic or store in a notebook bag.

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