Notebook for Linux Desktop

Notebook for Linux Desktop

Linux currently has a lot to get a place in the hearts of the user's notebook or laptop. Various reasons put forward by these Linux users. Starting from the classical problems such as license to do because of the advantages offered by Linux. There's even a switch to Linux because it was bored with the look of the old OS was bored and because it often reinstall:)

For that here I try to explain the specification laptop / notebook that match and has hardware that is already well recognized by the current linux desktop. Here I did not mention brands, but you can recognize the hardware specifications. This I wrote an outline of just my own experience:

1. To Processor
Both Intel and AMD are now well recognized by all the technology in Linux that are popular today.

2. For chipset Video
All existing video chipsets are now able to run linux with a standard graphical display. For a minimal 3D chipset is from Intel. Ranging from Intel 945 up to X1300. This chipset is directly running 3D Compiz Fusion to run on Linux. 

To run a heavier 3D please select the output from the NVidia chipset and the ATI and if it could be a dedicated video memory (no share of the RAM). Both chipsets requires its own drivers in Linux.

3. For Wifi Chipset

Here, Intel remains a champion in the introduction of direct harware in Linux. For other chipsets such as Broadcom and Atheros also requires its own drivers in linux, can also use ndiswrapper.

4. Disk.

I think the hard disk is recognized well by linux either IDE or SATA.

5. Network Card
All chipsets Network Card Laptop now also been well recognized by linux.

6. Webcam / Camera

This is still a bit difficult. Because only a few vendors are mengelurkan drivers for linux, it is also the installation manually. Chipset webcams already can run on linux with separate drivers that I know Acer's new and microdia chipset.

7. Internal Modem

Most of the already recognized by the current linux. If that is not detected may indeed require a special driver.

Broadly speaking, that's all I can review the specifications of the laptop or notebook is good for running Linux. This is different from the current UMPC already include Linux OS in it, of course, all the hardware is going well.

From my survey results remain Laptops with Centrino specification from Intel (Intel chipset from the motherboard, processor, wifi, video) is the right choice if you do not want to be bothered with the business drivers in linux.

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