laptop maintenance tips

laptop maintenance tips
  1. Avoid putting a laptop in the bag with the goods too full with the goods .. because it would lead to pressure on the laptop
  2. note the condition of temperature, Laptop or notebook is composed of various electronic components that do not perform influenced by temperature. Among these, the temperature is too extreme, such
    too hot or too cold, can disturb the performance or even damage laptop. Therefore, avoid the habit of leaving the laptop in the car which was parked under the hot sun rays. Also avoid the laptop was in
    highlight the direct sunlight. Generally the manufacturers recommend temperatures between 5 - 35 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, for the height laptop recommended to work at a height of 2500 meters below the surface sea.
  3. Do not ever put a heavy burden on the laptop if we put the goods that have the heavy burden on
    laptop, it can cause scratches on the LCD screen.
  4. Use stabilizer If you are working on a laptop using electricity (without batteries), then you should use a stabilizer that can prevent the occurrence of voltage unstable electricity to your laptop.
  5. Storage, If you will keep the laptop in a long time (one week more), should remove the battery and store in a cool, dry, and good air circulation. Place the silicone gel to prevent mildew. So want to use it again, stun or content of the battery by way of completely filled and emptied three times in a row.
  6. Turn off properly Do not ever turn off the laptop hard drive while the indicator light still blinking. This condition indicates the hard disk is still active. Loss suddenly (eg when the laptop is turned off) can cause damage data or performance problems on your hard disk. Make sure the hard drive indicator light has died before you attempt to shutdown the laptop.
  7. Avoid magnetic field To protect the existing data in the disk, do not place devices containing magnetic / electromagnetic strong around laptop. Device-device producing magnetic field, such as speakers who do not berpelindung (unshielded speaker system) or mobile phone. If you want to access the Internet
    infrared feature on the phone, place the phone in the distance approximately 15 cm from the laptop.
  8. Do not disassemble the laptop. Dismantle their own laptop or not by the expert, an act which very unwise. Laptops are not like the radio or regular tape recorder. Many parts of a very small part of the manufacturer have been assembled by using a precision robot. If you're careless, then your laptop can
    badly damaged. Always carry a defective laptop to the IT or the service center of your laptop.
  9. Avoid too soft surface, Do not place the laptop when running in place with a surface that is too soft as a sofa or bed, so the laptop to look a little lost. This is very dangerous, because it can inhibit heat from the inside out laptops laptop and make heat.
  10. Hinges monitor, If observed carefully, in the folds between the CPU and the LCD monitor there is a hinge that allows the two components were clenched to each other. Be aware that the heaviest burden of a laptop is on the these hinges. Therefore, do not give jolt when opening monitor when the laptop would switch. Vice versa, do not close monitoring too hard when finished using a portable computer it.

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