Sharing Internet with Wi-Fi Laptop on windows 7

To obtain an internet connection nowadays, it is easy and affordable. However, there are conditions where we feel "if there is the Internet". Well, some of these conditions can be overcome with Internet sharing. So, by sharing an Internet connection to multiple laptop.

Okay, share an Internet connection to several laptop at home, maybe easier. You can just use the Wi-Fi access point (AP) or even share them with switches / hubs and LAN cable. However, outside the house, it is hard to do. For example, while gathered in a cafe with friends, but only one person who brought the modem. Or time to travel out of town and had to share a room in a hotel with a colleague, even though there is only one Internet connection.

This cheap and simple tips will help you to share an Internet connection on a laptop / notebook via wi-fi. Actually, this sharing capability has been around since Windows Vista launched. However, this ability becomes more comfortable and stable on Windows 7.

For tips this time, we use the Acer X Timeline 4820TG laptop and Windows 7 Home Premium which is the sales package. For Internet connection, we use a 3G/HSDPA modem Huawei, which combined with unlimited 3G/HSDPA service.
  1. Make sure that the Wi-Fi on your computer / notebook you've turned on, and not connected to the Access Point anywhere.
  2. Go to Control Panel (Press the Windows key, and select 'Control Panel'). Then select Network and Internet
  3.  Select the Network and Sharing Center
  4. Setup A New Connection or Network
  5. On the menu 'Choose a connection option' Select "Setup a wireless ad-hoc (computer to computer) network", then select 'NEXT'
  6. You will find a description of the 'Setup a wireless ad-hoc network'. Here, you can simply click 'NEXT'.
  7. You get to the 'Setup an Ad-Hoc Network'. Here you must fill in the 'network name'. Fill the column with the name you like, a maximum of 32 characters.
  8. Now you must choose the security level from the connection to be made.
  9. Options WPA2 is the best protection that can be used. However, make sure that all equipment (computer or phone) who want to be connected with a computer / laptop you already support this. Follow the rules for creating a password, according to the "balloon" that appears. Generally, you can simply use a password with 8 characters.
  10. Options WEP can be used if you want a better compatibility with all of that will connect to your computer via wi-fi. Fill in the password with 5 characters.
  11. If you feel confident that nothing will "steal" your connection, or there is still a difficult equipment connected to the "Wi-Fi Access Point" you made this, use the options without password (Open).
  12. After the menu 'Set up an Ad-Hoc Network' exceeded, click 'NEXT', you will find the article "The xxx network is ready to use." At the bottom there is the option "Turn on Internet Connection Sharing". Click on the option to link your Internet connection with Wi-Fi network you just created.
  13. Once you reach the words "Internet Connection Sharing is Enabled", it was over this tutorial. You've managed to share your Internet connection via Wi-Fi.

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