Maintain Healthy Laptop Hardrive

clean hardrive on a laptop by first cleaning the shortcut on the desktop that are not useful on your laptop, because if you do not clean then the shortcut will burden the laptop at boot time, try to remove unnecessary files or multiple files, if you are not using a software specific in your laptop, it helps you remove the software on the control panel, 

delete the cache is the right step to make your hardrive clean, cache on an operating system is usually in because of the use of any software, for example that many results in the file cache is an Internet browser, you can delete the cache in your Internet browser  in accordance with the type of browser you use, 

perform disk cleanup is also a good way to make your laptop hard drive remain durable and clean, you can retrace the steps below to perform clean up on your har drive, 
  • Click Start, and point to Programs. 
  • Point to Accessories and then to System Tools. 
  • Click Disk Cleanup. 
  • Choose the drive you Want To scan from the drop-down menu, and click OK. 
  • Wait while Disk Cleanup calculates how much space is available for cleanup. This step-May take a Few Minutes. 
  • Click the "Disk Cleanup" tab and then the checkbox (es) next to the type (s) of files You Want to delete. 
  • Click OK to start the cleanup process. Depending on the amount of files You Want to delete, this May take installments minutes. 

last you can do to defragment your hardrive, using the features contained in the operating system that andagunakan or using third-party applications, but if you use third-party applications you must be careful in its use.

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