Dell Precision M6500 Mobile Workstation Fastest Laptop

maybe this is a laptop, with the fastest performance of this century, so this is a laptop workstation that was developed by vendors DELL, Dell Precision M6500 Mobile Workstation has a machine that is really super fast for the size of a laptop, maybe if you find the specs as this laptop is on the computer desktop is not a matter of course, but if the specifications are currently on a laptop probably this thing out ordinary. 

Dell Precision M6500 Mobile Workstation

What kind of laptop specs Dell Precision Mobile Workstation M6500 so at the claim as the fastest laptop computer, this laptop is that you can customize, you can choose an Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition Quad Core as the backbone of your Computer speed , and an even crazier this laptop is turned supports up to 32GB DDR3 memory, really wonderful things this allows the laptop will work very fast, you can choose your video card  ATI Fire Pro or Nvidia quadro which each have a dedicated memodry 1GB, will certainly produce a very amazing visuals on the screen 17-inch, 

have the disk space with 7500GB of disk 7200RPM spin speed, but you can also opt for a 250GB hard drive, it all depends on your choice, Dell Precision M6500 Mobile Workstation has been integrated with the DVD-ROM optical drive and Blu ray, to facilitate you in communicating with a local network or the Internet, Dell has set up Wireless LAN, Bluetooth ® 2.1 and Ultra-wideband (UWB) Next Generation Mobile Broadband, GPS, Dell Wireless 1510 802.11 a / g / n 2x3 Mini-Card, there are also strengthened with the WWAN Dell Wireless 5620 HSPA - EVDO Rev A, this Dell Precision M6500 Mobile Workstation valued at $ 169,900 are interested to try it out? 

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Nice man. Extremely informative post. I'll be sure to pass this along to my tech guys.

Joffery Stark said...

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