Acer Aspire One Acer D255 Netbook

Acer Aspire One Acer D255 is the solution to the relevance of extra computing needs on a netbook. In addition to a charming appearance and color choices are diverse, this new netbook promises better performance and much more responsive than its predecessor.

Acer Aspire One D255 brings new Atom processor which offers extra performance. The processor uses has 2 cores and capable of running four threads simultaneously. This means an increase from the previous all Atom processors which only has 1 core and 2 threads. In addition to having two cores, the new Atom processor is also equipped with the L2 cache memory is 2 times larger (1 MB) from its predecessor. The combination of increasing the number of cores and the size of the cache memory promises a more responsive performance than previous netbook, to storage media your collection of digital files, acer aspire one D255 has been equipped with a 250GB hardrive, and for accelerated speed netbook acer aspire one D255 has been installed DDR3 1GB

free laptop aer aspire one D255

Acer Aspire One D255 now comes with 2 Operating System (OS): Windows7 Starter and Android. To access extra fast (InstantOn), use the Android OS. Quick as a flash you'll be instantly ready to surf the Internet. Meanwhile, Windows7 Starter is available as a mainstream OS that is ready to run a variety of applications important to you.

There are 5 color choices available for the Acer Aspire One D255: Aquamarine Blue, Diamond Black, Seashell White, Ruby Red, and Brown Sandstone. So, you can adjust the color choice with your personal preferences. Meanwhile, small size, lightweight, and even a little extra charger, making it convenient taken anywhere. Of course, the endurance of his 6-cell battery also can not be denied again. This netbook ready to accompany you without electrical connections up to 8 hours nonstop.

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