USB Troubleshooting not detected on laptop

If you have the USB problem is not detected on your laptop, chances are your laptop must be brought to a laptop service technician, but have it follow the first steps to improve USB device is not detected, most likely your laptop will run normally again and can detect USB devices.

  • If the USB device is missing, go to the Device Manager. Under Universal Serial Bus controllers, double-click the USB Root Hub , and when the window opens, click the Power tab. The available ports and power usage are shown.
  • Remove the devices and use a powered hub if the displayed power is over 500mA. To check the properties of a hub, double-click HUB and the hub information window will open.
  • Remove high-speed USB cables that are over three meters and use high-speed cables that are less than three meters.
  • Only use high-speed cables less than three meters with high-speed USB devices (Multifunction devices, scanners, and cameras).
  • If the USB device is connected to a USB port on a keyboard, unplug it and plug it into a USB port on the computer or a powered HUB.
  • There may be an issue with the USB port. Try plugging into a different USB port. If the USB device displays in Device Manager after plugging the cable into a different port, then uninstall and reinstall the USB device software driver.

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