Restoring the operating system on laptop

in some cases re-install the operating system on a laptop is a very appropriate choice, as many programs that often hangs, the system is infected by a virus, or your operating system has been damaged which is assigned a non-functioning some features in the operating system your laptop, but some laptop manufacturers usually provide recovery software for the purpose of improving the operating system on your laptop,

before starting the installation process of a new operating system you are advised to first to back up important files that exist on your laptop, you can burn it on cd / DVD or perhaps move it to the external disk drive, because when we do reinstall the operating system data in the laptop will erased.

after you create a backup file in the media outside the laptop now you just use the operating system recovery software that is given when purchasing your laptop, or you can download at the site that complies with the brand of your laptop, but if your laptop manufacturer does not provide an operating recovery software system, you must do it manually by entering the cd / DVD that contains the software operating system that will be installed into your laptop.

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