Chrome OS on Google laptop

Chrom OS is oprating system that was developed by google, before the release of the operating system is already very popular and awaited by many people, but until now this chrom OS yet also can be used, because the chrome OS is still in development stage, but about next year plans this Chrome OS will soon come out the same laptop that was developed by Google. google next year seems to have other businesses, they now have penetrated business laptop, but that does not mean Chrome OS will not be available on PC, I'm sure Google will make Chrome OS the for PCs, but it does look like Chrome OS  of this, the following video about the chrome OS which has released google.

Chrome OS was an Operating system that many use the browser for various applications, which means we must have an unlimited internet connection to use this Chrome OS maximally , indeed many advantages to this operating system, such as fast boot, virus-free, his plan google laptop that will come out next year will be issued simultaneously Chrome OS , so you will get Google laptop and the Chrome OS is already installed in it.

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