3 important parts that you need to clean on the notebook

some impurities that may interfere with its performance or even can make your notebook easily damaged, such as dust, cigarette ash, animal hair, are vulnerable at all if you are not immediately clear, with a clean notebook periodically to extend the lifespan of your notebook, below are some tips to clean up some important parts on your notebook,

I / O Ports
on the back or side usually there are several ports, which is usually used for purposes of your notebook, such as the charger port usb port, RJ45 port, it suggested you to clean up these ports with a small broom, also you have to clean the vents located on your notebook,

Clear display
Clean your notebook screen is quite easy, you just use a clean cloth, if necessary you can use fluid to clean the screen of your monitor, if your notebook screen has no plastic coating that protects your notebook LCD screen, advised to buy it back,

Cleaning the keyboard
clean the keyboard with a small vacuum cleaner is a pretty good idea where all the dust under your keyboard will be easily lifted

you may be wanto to buy notebook cleanser, i recomend you buy this notebook cleaning Kit

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