Speeding up the wifi on the notebook

Location, is a crucial factor to improve and gain speed Wi-Fi is strong. Put Wi-Fi router at the spot [where] that allows all the computers get a good signal. Wi-Fi Ideally placed in the highest center in the home / office, this is done so the network can be covered properly.

How to check: Wi-Fi router to place you near / the same room as your broadband modem, then connected using Wireless Notebook, once connected, street-walk with a notebook to all of the room and note the strength of the signal that was caught on the wireless adapter administration software , the farther the distance is usually the signal will dwindle.

Media that blocks Wi-Fi connection also influences, and media that most influence your Wi-Fi is Metal, Wall / Rock, Mankind, Cordless Phone and water. This media may cause signal reflections connection or absorb signals so that the signal connection to be caught or received by your wireless notebook is very small.

So ideal for placing Wi-Fi router at the highest place and as far as possible from a wall, do not place your Wi-Fi router near the window, because it will cause your Wi-Fi out / leaked so weakened connection .. unless you want to do Wi-Fi connection from outside the building ..

For 802.11g Wi-Fi networks have a range with a frequency of 2.4 GHz, almost the same frequency microwave / radio wave on the cordless phone. Activating WEP or WPA to improve data transfer speeds significantly

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