Notebook restarts when in use

In some cases experienced by some users of notebooks, the notebook is being used frequently occur suddenly turns itself off. All you have to consider is whether your notebook is experiencing overheating or excessive heat. If the case does your notebook overheated traits that you can see before your notebook is dead then there will beep several times, then notebook dies.

The things you need to do first is try to check whether your notebook processor fan to work normally. To make sure check the processor fan on the processor where the location of your notebook, the most notebook processor location on the left of your notebook, but some are on the right, although this is rare because most notebook processors on the right then the exhaust air from inside the fence will right and this will be very annoying if you prefer to use an external mouse because it will tersa heat in your hands.

To ensure the location of the processor try turning your notebook, usually under processor then there will be holes that drain the air out. Position the fan usually can be seen from the crevices of the air holes, so that we can see whether the fan is spinning or not, or we can put our hands to feel what no air flow out or not from the slit hole.

The important thing to note is that the average new notebook now fan will not automatically direct spin when the notebook is turned on, the average notebook bios has mengkonfugirasi at a certain temperature a new fan will spin, this is related to battery saving function on the notebook.

If you can ensure that your notebook fan does not rotate, then surely that's why your notebook suddenly died, the solution is to replace it with a new fan. Besides the issue of fan some other cause that could also be the cause of his position is not fitting the processor heatsink, you could try to remove and then put it back. Can also because air circulation is not smooth, usually experienced by notebooks which are often used in the field so much dust into the notebook casing and disrupt air circulation. The solution is to clean it with a brush.

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