fix the notebook hard drive is not detected

Perhaps a case like this once you experience, your notebook does not detect any hard drive connected to your notebook, you do not immediately conclude that your hard drive is damaged, it could be a possibility that the risk is the last worst thing is you have to replace your notebook hard drive.

A notebook hard drive that's both an Parallel ATA or Serial ATA, most directly connected to the motherboard via a slot. A notebook usually been designed as closely as possible to reduce the effects of shocks that could lead to the shifting position of the slot that connects the hard drive to the motherboard. But not an impossible thing these events can occur, the slightest change its position could have led to the pins on the hard drive is not connected properly with your notebook motherboard.

In addition to its shock, can also be caused by other factors. If your notebook is used of course remove the effects of heat because the performance is done, heat effect over time can cause crusts on hard drive slot pins, both contained in the hard drive itself or on the motherboard.

The solution to overcome these problems, first you must know first position is where the hard drive, then try to open and remove the hard drive from the slot. My advice, because you do not know exactly how to position the hard drive was installed in the motherboard, first consider carefully how the hard drive is connected to the motherboard, is there a lock or some kind of security, because it would be very dangerous if you just pull origin. After a hard drive regardless of the slots in the motherboard try cleaning the slot found on motherboards are also hard to use liquid thinners or contact cleaner, then dried with a clean soft cloth. Reinstall your hard drive carefully and try to turn on your notebook

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buy laptop notebook said...

Simple writing, but it is very useful..
I have try it, and about 15 minutes It's done.
(is 15 minutes is too long for just open harddisk case, and clean the slot? LOL)

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