8 simple tips for caring your notebook

How can you have a notebook for optimum performance and always look shiny? Here are some simple tips on caring for and prevent your notebook from damage due to lack of maintenance and increase the age of your notebook.

1. Do not place the notebook on the floor.

When your notebook on the floor, then the risk of laptops being walked on toes, your children, or pets will be very big. Small children will think your notebook and your pet toys may damage certain parts of the laptop. In addition, the laptop is placed on the floor will be quickly soiled by the dust.

2. Never drink or eat or put drinks containing fluid around the notebook.

This is very dangerous, because the notebook is very sensitive to the fluid on the notebook, such as a liquid into the keyboard, or even enter into your notebook machine.

3. Use stabilizer

If you are working on the notebook with the use of electricity (without batteries), then you should use a stabilizer that can prevent the occurrence of an unstable electrical voltage to your laptop. that can make your notebook easily damaged,

4. Do not place your Notebook on the surface that is too soft.

For example, put your notebook on the couch is very soft, so the laptop becomes visible somewhat submerged in the sofa. This is very dangerous, because it can inhibit the release of heat from the notebook and make your notebook overheating.

5. Do not place any objects between the keyboard and laptop screen.

Often someone who is using a Notebook, then put paper over the notebook keyboard, then close the laptop. This is very dangerous, because the risk of a big screen scratches. Surely you do not want to replace a laptop screen scratch because it?

6. Never attempt to disassemble your own notebook.

This is a very unwise action. notebook is not like radio or tape recorder. Many parts of the very small of the manufacturer have been assembled using robotic precision. If you're careless, then you could be badly damaged Notebook. Always carry a notebook that is damaged to a dealer or service center in accordance with the brand of your notebook.

7. Not carelessly download free software from the Internet.

do not ever try to download illegal software let alone download from warez sites, because the software could have been infected with viruses, or deliberately want to insert a virus that can damage your notebook or may steal the data in your notebook, if you still want to use the software the download, then make sure you have scanned with antivirus software you have. Use the software that you get from the Notebook package you buy.

8. Be careful when carrying your notebook in the bag.

Do not use any bag to carry your notebook. Use a bag that is used for notebooks, so things will not scratch certain parts on the notebook,

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