Notebook RAM memory upgrade is easy

Notebook ram upgrade activities are usually done because of a demand, whether it demands or the demands of software because your memory is damaged and must be replaced, an addition to the notebook memory will not add to 100 percent speed but will be more stable when in use for the previous software not so stable on your notebook Especially when I'm using heavy applications like video processing / audio / graphics. In addition, upgrading RAM is also required when installing a software. For example, to install the operating system Windows Vista Home Edition 512 MB of RAM required. So, if the notebook has only 256 MB of RAM, the installation process will halt with a message of less RAM memory. Another factor is that most notebook RAM memory upgrade is easy.

After the additional memory available for your notebook, do the following steps: 

  1. Turn off the computer and disconnect the power cable. 
  2. Turn the notebook and find the location of installed memory. usually provide written instructions (such as "Memory") at the bottom of the notebook. If writing is not available, try to open a cover (usually locked with one or two screws) and see if there are memory modules installed in it. 
  3. If you already know, go screw with a screwdriver. Then, lift the lid. 
  4. If you want to install additional memory, additional memory to insert a sideways slot. Exposed to the pins on the memory slot and adjust the gap on the memory chip with a notch in the slot. 
  5. When it was appropriate, press the memory module downwards until a click and the module is attached firmly. 
  6. If already installed, install the cover and screw back. 
  7. Done. Turn on your notebook back.

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