Netbook Advan Vanbook A1N70T

Advan out new Netbook variant, namely Vanbook A Series, a complete line of notebook products Advan who have attended before, namely the G Series, G2 Series and E Series. 
Vanbook Comes with a new type A1-N70T, with an Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz, 1 GB DDR memory and chipset 945GME/GSE and 160 Gb SATA capacity. 
What Privileges Vanbook? 
Obviously there are so many privileges. With a screen size LED (Light Emitting Diode) 2.10 inches, yielding a clear view and clear images. Supported by 1:25 kg weight. And less than A4 paper size, or only 258 mm x 189 mm x 28 mm, so light and easy to carry everywhere. 
With 6-cell battery, making the performance more durable Vanbook; can operate up to three hours of usage. Size Keypad, designed with larger, so as you can comfortably use a notebook in general, and more assured at the time of typing or surfing the Internet. 
Vanbook already equipped with Wi-Fi for wireless internet connection anywhere that supports. 1.3 MP Webcam with image quality sharp and crisp, ideal for fans chat, share photos, browse, and others. 
Design Vanbook also very Stylist with 3 (three) choice of colors, ie Black, White, and Pink. Users who liked to browse in the café or the mall, can be proudly displayed Vanbook it to friends, colleagues and even business associates. 
Choosing make browsing at Café or Mall of course should be supported with adequate battery life. All answered already by Vanbook, which has a battery life up to three hours or longer battery usage 25% of the other netbooks.

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