notebook keyboard repair

notebook is a gadget that is very flexible, with a minimalist form will facilitate you to take everywhere, like the cafe or to the office, even if you're traveling though, sometimes there are unexpected events which causes your notebook keyboard broken, like when your drinking water soaked, and this causes the breakdown you  keyboard or even the keyboard until you can not in used, but not yet his despair before you try the first few of these tips.

  1. dismantle the notebook casing
  2. check whether the function keys on the keyboard mechanically
  3. open the rubber cap that serves as a spring
  4. film movement contacts and make sure nothing suspicious or problematic

for solution 
  1. Film Clean contacts with isopropyl alcohol (available at pharmacies)
  2. Remove the mechanical guides (blue plastic clamp)
  3. Put the keyboard in a standing position
  4. Alcohol dripped into the opening keyboard using cutten bud. (In this way can clean the contacts with both)
  5. Wait until the isopropyl alcohol-dry really
  6. After reinstall the keyboard dry

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