HP Pavilion dv6z super notebook

notebooks with AMD processors that may be suitable for you with the right size and performance for your mobility, which in botebook out by the producers of this HP Pavilion series dv6z, a notebook with the performance of highly optimized a lot of very fancy hardware components in this notebook, with its technology, this notebook is designed for consumers who need high spec hardware such as graphics designers, gamers, and also software developers.

AMD processors with the latest technology that AMD Phenom Triple-Core Mobile software will create a performance feels very fast, plus another with 3GB of DDR3 memory that the notebook is plugged into the motherboard that will make stability of the notebook is in the works, for its operating system the notebook is sold with preinstall windows 7 with an option home premium 64-bit or professional 63-bit. 

in terms of graphics cards, this notebook has installed 1 GB graphics card (ATI Mobility Radeon), which will pamper you into playing games or watching DVDs, is equipped with audio with Dolby audio technologies, which will make your digital duniamultimedia feels real, with storage up to 1TB (5200 RPM SATA) is equipped with protection system for your storage media that called ProtectSmart, with that much storage you can store thousands of your office documents, or files Your multimedia, for the purposes of transferring data this notebook is equipped with a Blu-Ray DVD, 4 usb ports, while the networking business for HP Pavilion notebook dv6z uses 802.11 wireless card with bluetooth (dualband)

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