Download Toshiba BIOS / CMOS Setup program

software, with a view common in the DOS, is used to adjust the setting CMOS / BIOS on the Toshiba notebook, BIOS, stands for Basic Input Output System, BIOS provides a low-level communication interface, and can control many types of hardware (like keyboards). Because of its proximity to the hardware, the BIOS is generally made by using assembly language (assembly) that is used by the machine.

function of this software, among others, initialization (ignition) as well as testing of the hardware (in a process called the Power On Self Test, POST), Load and run the operating system, Set up some basic configuration of the computer (date, time, configuration of storage media , the configuration of the boot process, performance, and stability of your computer), operating systems and applications Assist in the process of hardware setup using the BIOS Runtime Services. This software is compatible with most toshiba notebook series , to download the software Toshiba BIOS / CMOS Setup program please click the link below.

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