Nokia will produce a Netbook?

Nokia will produce a Netbook?

Rumors continue rolling the time was widely enough discussed about the possibility of moving closer Siemens Netbook market, and this rumor seems little by little will soon become a reality. 
Some time ago when asked about the possibility to produce Netbook Nokia, Nokia's Chief Executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo by Finnish TV revealed that it was "currently active" to continue to seek opportunities. 
According to the statement "is active" which revealed the Nokia, can be concluded that Nokia is not just thinking about it, obviously more than that. 
"We have up to five years maybe we'll find a meeting point between what we know neighbors cellphone and what we know about the PC" Kallasvuo said. 
"Now we have millions of customers who have received their first experience surf ria using the cellphone, this is a good indication for us to move forward" 
Although Kallasvuo not say with certainty that Nokia will produce a Netbook, but many sources that inform the various facts that can strengthen these rumors. 
As reported by Digitimes that Nokia is in talks with a Taiwanese laptop manufacturer and EMS companies about the planned enhancements for extended Netbook market.

According to reliable sources, Nokia will use a method pointed out "the joint design manufacturing (JDM) strategy" and a number of companies dindikasikan developers who will be partners Nokia Siemens to help produce Netbook is Compal Electronics and Foxconn Electronics. 
Latest info emerging as quoted from The Street, Nokia has chosen to cooperate with Foxconn and stay a little longer to agree. 
Speculations arise because Nokia seems to not want a lot of time and money if they have to develop and produce Netbook alone. Therefore, Nokia chose Foxconn one manufacturer of the world's largest laptop maker, and has produced a number of laptops with the best quality. 
According to private Kallasvuo, the gulf between Netbook with Mobile Phones are now closed. And this is really real, so the opportunity and possibility for Nokia take part in Netbook segments are very large and wide open. 
Coupled with Nokia base which is the largest mobile phone company in the world, and has a network of very wide distribution, it can help significantly as a strong capital to launch their first Netbook. 
So no need to be surprised if very soon will appear Netbook, netbook were emblems "NOKIA".

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