laptop that can survive up to 19 hours

laptop that can survive up to 19 hours

Dell recently released the most new laptop series, Latitude series laptops row. What makes it different from other Dell laptop product? Dell latest product is claimed to be the lightest ultramobile laptops and most durable. Not only 6 hours or 8 hours of this laptop can last, but up to 19 hours ...

One of the winning this time Dell Latitude E6400 is that can last for 10 hours using a 9-cell battery, and was coupled with extended battery which is located at the back of the laptop to be more energy mensupplai to 9 hours. Latitude is the latest series will definitely spoil your whole day without the need to charge the battery in the middle of your activities with this laptop.

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Jeff Clarke explained that it is developing a technology that can optimize the energy in the battery so the laptop can last longer. Dell developed the technology include assembly of components on the laptop so that at each component only requires less energy from the battery. Teknologi ini kemungkinan besar juga akan dipakai pada seri Latitude lain, bahkan mungkin akan dipakai untuk seri Inspiron juga.

Dell Latitude E6400 will be released with a screen 14.1 "spurred by the Intel Core 2 Duo inside. Not only that, this energy-efficient laptop also equipped with 8GB of RAM and 250GB hard drive. Dell will membandrol E6400 at 1139 USD price range and will operate with Windows Vista, Dell also provides a downgrade option to Windows XP.
Does not stop there, Dell has also designed a new AC adapter in conjunction with the issuance of this Latitude series, the AC adapter design excellence smaller and can charge the battery more quickly.

Dell also launched a great laptops, such as the Latitude E4200, Dell ultraportable laptop that will be one of the smallest and lightest. With a screen 12.1 "and weighs just 1kg. There are also more Latitude E4300 which helped enliven the new line of Dell Latitude with a screen 13.3 ". Both laptops were planned to be fitted with an Intel Core 2 Duo ultra-low voltage (ULV) with a capacity of between 1.4 GHz and 2.4 GHz. Dell also plans to include the feature "Dell On", a feature that will allow users to perform web browsing, e-mail, etc. without having to go into the operating system first.

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Is it true that laptop batteries needs to be formatted just like the cell phone ones? (first 3 charge cycles to be done for 12 hours)

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