How to maintain a laptop

How to maintain a laptop

  1. Avoid direct sunlight and make sure the laptop is always placed on a flat surface. 
  2. According to the survey, the damage is most common laptop happens to the hard drive and LCD display / screen. Damage caused by hard disk crash or fall. LCD damage is usually due to exposure to sunlight and physical pressure.
  3. In addition to the hard drive and LCD damage, liquid spills are causing damage to the most common laptop, or use a sheet of transparent film, called 'keyboard protector'. 
  4. Keep the laptop from the strong magnetic field, liquid material and a source of heat / cold or extreme temperature changes
  5. A neat adapter cables or other cables that are connected to the laptop, not to make others stumble. 
  6. Avoid the laptop from x-ray beams at the airport. 
  7. Vibration is another enemy of laptops. Keep the laptop from the speaker, such as loudspeaker, machinery / heavy vehicles, and other vibration sources.
  8. Protect your laptop modem. Use a modem that has a digital feature-line guard. Because of this feature will keep the modem from damage when accidentally plugging in the cable modem to a digital PABX telephone jack or ISDN lines. And be careful when going to plug the phone cable to the laptop because the metal wire in a laptop modem connector is very thin and easily bent. 
  9. Keep your laptop clean, wipe with a clean cloth to be free of dust.
  10. Power outages and voltage disturbances can occur at any time, at home, in hotel rooms or at the office. If possible, use the 'surge-protector' if you're using an AC outlet. And do not forget to make a back-up your data regularly. 
  11. In the Asian climate, humid temperatures can be a big problem for laptops that are designed in the United States. To reduce possible problems, ensure that laptops are stored in a dry and cool. If the laptop is not used for a long time, keep a laptop in a tight container and enter the silica gel. Silica gel is as contained in the bottle, packaging electronic barang2 (small package labeled 'Dessicant Silica Gel'). Or can be bought at the store chemicals. Silica gel is a chemical anticipatory hygroscopic (absorbs moisture / humidity). 
  12. If you want to wrap the laptop to be sent or for other purposes, use a strong protective box, and wrap it with foam or sponge that can absorb vibrations.
  13. Use always the laptop bag while traveling
  14. If the laptop problem, do not try to dismantle itself. Should submit to the technician or the nearest service-center. Because of possible damage will be even heavier. Especially for laptops that are still within the warranty period - disassemble the laptop can damage the warranty sticker (warranty seal) which is still attached to the laptop. 
  15. ever put heavy objects on the laptop
  16. Do not insert the diskette in the corner. Insert a floppy half-half can damage the disk-drive. Likewise, when opening or closing the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive tray to insert or remove the disk. Do not touch the lens on the CD-ROM tray. Hold compact-discs on the edge, not on the surface of the disk.
  17. When will lift the laptop that is open, do not lift while holding on the display / screen, pick up at the bottom / keyboard.
  18. Keep the laptop from a small child
  19. Take care of laptop batteries, not to leak because it can damage the battery slot.
  20. Do not plug the cable modem on the laptop PBX (private branch exchange) or a digital telephone line. Laptop can only use channels PSTN (public-switched telephone network). The use of telephone lines other than PSTN can damage the laptop modem.

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Placing them in Moisture Barrier Bags during storage or travel with a desiccant is really the best way to go!

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